Your customers know you exist … or not?

Lately many people begin working as freelancers, starts their new online shop or build a new products serie with of course great quality and low price. Everybody thinks how to get customers so they build great website and somehow nobody comes on to it. They are tired, angry and before or after coming to big depression, they shut down their new business. This is a big problem especially with perfectionists type of people, who work very hard on their product and website. They think it is a reflection of who they are. Very often budget ends before business really starts up.

Think about your business like about opening a bakery in 30 days.
In one simulation you rent beautiful superb place in the middle of nowhere. You focus on decoration and you use time to learn baking the best possible bread. Your friends confirm it’s really the best bread they ever tasted. You use the best materials and make a launch of bakery but nobody ever comes to your place to buy your product, except maybe your mom.

In other simulation you rent average bakery in the city center for much higher price, you use cheaper materials and bake medium bread. It’s not so good as in the first simulation, but you spend now more time on giving out flyers to people who live nearby. You are worse than you were in first simulation, and yet you have big line of customers waiting to buy your products every single morning.

The two simulations are here to say one important thing – you will always have more time to become better in bread baking or whichever area you want to expertise. You will not always have time to get customers. No customers = no sales = no money = no business.

In old times starting business needed a big money for advertising. Nowadays many things you can do by yourself. Learn to write press release with interesting story about how it all started. Ask friends for help to show information on social media. Poeple are bored with another corporate products. They want to buy from someone like them. Become a public figure of your company, just like stories about Steve Jobs, Steven Wozniak, Tim Cook or Jony Eve worked with Apple.

You can create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest account. Start commenting posts and articles which are similar to your area of expertise, so people who are interested in it would see your online presence immediatelly. Start writing on specific forums, where you can help people. Send your product samples for reviews to people and websites who build trends and have big auhority in your industry. Then cooperate closely with them, do contests together, build the relationship.

Every area is different, but in different areas you can learn how others gained big publicity without spending big money. If it worked for them, you have a big chance that similar tactics will work for your business, of course with a little pivoting. Start writing down twenty different ideas/solutions how to get your future customers to know you exist without spending big bucks. First few points will be obvious and easy, but next ones will require much more creative thinking from your side and very often one of the last points could become the best solution to get big crowd of potential customers.

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