How being too greedy ruins your brand?

Everyone from us wants to leave some shadow, some own mark on this Earth, so we are trying since we are small children to be better then our brother or sister or friends on the street. Later we want to be better at school, if it is not in grades, it is sometimes sports or something else. Everyone wants to be better than others all the time and that is a very known rule.

After we start our first job, we try to impress people above us, so we could feel more appreciated and motivated. We want to feel that we are worth something more than other coworkers. And what is the easiest way to do that? Be better than person who was in our position before us. The problem which often comes with it is irresistible desire for changes. We need to change something at work, do something different, be better than previous employee or even previous general manager. Of course sometimes it’s work, but in branding and marketing it could ruin everything what the company have been working for since their beginning. Later we wish we should stopped thinking about ourself for a while and we could have looked more on the bigger picture from outside.

People don’t believe in perfect situation, so we run after some crazy targets, instead of just appreciate what we already have. Stop making changes, just because you don’t have anything else to do.

When we start building our new company or our personal brand, it could be also top position at work, we always think about the target. What we want to accomplish, what company do we want to have, how people should look upon us and what should they see. Of course we think also how much money we want to earn. Let’s say it is a company which is producing high-end toasters with built-in new technology, so hot toasts could be ready faster with better flavor and naturally much more healthy. You prepare the business plan, you analyze the market and the competitors. You work very hard on it and finally you register the unique patent. Later you can start looking for investors and after many strugglings you finally find them. You start the dream company. Few years later after great teamwork and hard working which includes amazing guerilla marketing brainstorming and some motivating speeches which you gave to the sales team, you suddenly realize that you have what you always wanted. You accomplished the target. You are appreciated and have enormous respect from many other people, including your friends and your family. Money should never be a problem for you again. You sit at your desk at work at Monday morning and you see that all your daily works were already delegated and you passed the all knowledge to those employees what you already have.

This is a big moment in your life, where the problem of unnecessary changes begins. You cannot work only few hours per day, cause you are workoholic. You don’t feel like taking some holidays, even that people around you asks you all the time to have some more rest, but you are so connected to your company that you can’t imagine any fun without it. Nothing gives you so much pleasure like brainstorming and solving next problems at work. Even if you find something off-work, you start thinking that you should not get so much money every month, since you are not giving 100% of yourself. You begin to panic that competitors will introduce better products and the company sales will drop to zero in few months. You start thinking too much emotionally, cause you don’t see any new target in your life. Finally during one crazy too-much-thinking-night, you realize that you want more, you want everything, not only great toaster company, but everything, practically there is no finish line. The next day you come to work very early, cause you obviously couldn’t sleep. You feel this excitement like at the beginning, just like in old good times, when there were only few people in the company and you all have felt like a close family creating together something amazing.

You start adding more lines of products to your company portfolio, cause you don’t want to be seen as expert only in toasters. You want to be seen as specialist in blenders, cooking machines, frying, coffe makers or even dishwashers. You invest all earned money including supplementary capital into new product lines, but something is not working. Customers still buy mostly only your toasters and rest of the offer is just taking up space in the warehouse. Goods are not moving and you start to blame marketing team, you yell at sales division and blame them for lousy results. You fight with everyone, cause you lost control over your targets. You move your stress at work onto your family at home and after one or two years of struggling you are near the end of everything. Your company went bankrupt, you are divorced, your children don’t want to contact with you, especially that you are desperate workoholic, since it’s the only way for you to cope with this disaster. Your body cries for help, but you ruined everything and you don’t feel like you deserve to live anymore.

Feeling like it is story about you or somebody you know? Just instead of company, put there your personal brand or some top position at work which you always dreamed of. Just because something is going well and you put yourself into slower gear, it doesn’t mean that life will crash at some turn. You were the first in the new toasters category, you started your race much sooner than any other competitors. People recognize your brand and they have easy answer in their mind – what brand do I buy if I want a new good toaster? If you stay an expert in one thing, its much more believable for everyone, than to be an expert in everything. When somebody is good at everything, he is good at nothing. Too greedy people often ends up with nothing. Building a company brand, especially in consumers minds is like building amazing product, don’t ruin it, just because you want it to do everything at once. It has to be product for one needs, not for every single problem. Did you ever see the freezer with built cooking machine? Of course not, but somehow in branding many companies make this mistakes. They want to sell more, conquer more markets and be the king of the world in everything. The problem is that in this running some of them sooner or later cross the edge, where all you do is falling down to the bottom.

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