How to write a title for press release?

gazeta_good_headlineWe live in a world of constant informations flow and every single one of them is trying to get into our head. That is why headlines are meant to attract future customer attention. This headline should be interesting for the consumer, but it also has to give him or her information about what is inside the press release or news. You can’t lie in the headline, cause you would attract not the right customers and people would just become angry at you. Also never sacrifice title clarity in order to be clever. However news titles are generally made to attract people’s attention, so breaking the rules of grammar or misspelling on purpose is acceptable.

Press release headline must be clear, so the target audience would immediately be interested in the article. Nobody has time to play in puzzles or words charades. People scan main page for searching keywords, which could be interesting for them. If something is not clear, they just go over to the next title.

Working on a news headline is a positive thing, cause in this way you can focus and think what information you really want to deliver, to who and why? Of course you start thinking about news title at the end, when you already have your article done. Below you can find few main points, which can help you to get through of thinking up headline. Take a note and a pen and start writing down:

1. What the press release is about and what you want to say through it?

2. To who are you communicating to? Who is the target audience? Who might really use the information inside the article?

3. How do you want people to react after reading your press release? Do you want them to make some decision? What is your call to action for them?

4. Summarize your whole news into one long sentence.

5. Look at the sentence and think which words are not really necessary. Delete them. The shorter and clearer the better.

6. Cross out each word which is not so important for the news.

7. In already shortened version underline each word which is very valid for the press release.

8. Write few new sentences once again based only on underlined words. Check what you got?

9. Take a look on an each word and think if there could be better words for this statement. Look for synonyms in Google.

10. Write down three versions of headlines and leave them alone for at least 24 hours. On next day when you take a look at them, you will immediately know which one is the best. Congratulations! This is your final headline.

Press release headlines are made to give people information what the news is about. Readers are very headline oriented and they expect from headlines to catch their attention. However if you feel that you are not good at writing headlines, you can also look up for 5$ help at from the people who have already big experience with writing press release titles.


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