Why position is so important?

Every single person, every single shop, every single company represents something. This “something” is often a solution to customer emotional or logical problem. If customer doesn’t know how you can help him, then he choose not to use your products/services.

The first thing with starting a brand and making a marketing/visibility plan should be establishing yourself as authority in your industry or field. Many calls it the branding, but to be more specific, it’s all about the position in consumer mind. The right position allows you to cut down the marketing costs and increase sales conversion. Today agressive “we are best in everything” tacticts are no longer effectively. Your success depends on your ability to position yourself as expert in specific field. If you can’t tell in what area you are an expert, you can’t influence customers to buy your products. The position should be as simply as possible, so customers could remember it and later when needed take easily the action. This action leads to buying your services, buying products in your online shop, purchasing your product on which you make money. Customers will never see the value in your products if you cannot communicate it clearly to them.

Many people complain that it is very hard to build good position if you are not the first brand in a new category. That is not entirely true. The first comer has much easier situation, cause he has no competition, so he is automatically the best in his field. What can you do then? Is there still room for you? Just because there are already a few other brands in your category, doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for you.

Look at your competition and think in what areas you can do better than they. How you can be more unique and more easily to remember by customers? How can you be different from rest of them? The world is already too crowded with generalists. Be the expert in specific area, but still in the field where there is a serious demand.

At the end after you choose your area of expertise – be the best in it. Be awesome, so when people see it, they will start telling their friends about it and they will proudly recommend you to anyone.

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